Spread Type

A "spread" is a developed method of laying out the cards that will display the information in a certain form - much like the "Celtic Cross" layout of Tarot. There are three different Rabika spreads available online:

  • Lifecross: The most popular spread. A very extensive layout that will yield lots of information about the energies of now. It lies on a plane separating Ying from Yang and Conscious from Unconscious, and allows one to three piles of cards to fall anywhere on an outer circle. It may be more information than you need. It also allows for different "depths"; see the depth page for more information. (Note: Free readings do not include the Lifecross spread.)

  • Short Reading: This spread gives more of a summary of the energies involved in your situation. It lies in a simple timeline format, following what you are emerging from and leading to a possible outcome.

  • Yes / No: Use this spread when you are asking a question that begs a Yes or No answer. There are only three cards; if they all fall in the same suit, the answer is "Probably Yes". If they are all different suits, the answer is "Probably No"; and if you get two matching suits and one different one, the answer is uncertain at this time. The third card will help you understand the action to take to gain clarity.